Symphony of a troubled mind (An Original)

As the name suggests, it’s an “original”. I first wrote this on August 12, 2011 at 1:02am. I haven’t changed it much, just a few words here or there.

I can’t explain what I was going through at the time, that prompted me to write this. Suffice to say, I’d just come out of a dark and twisty place filled with self pity and guilt. It’s a black whole where your confidence goes to die.

But I came out of it, I don’t know how and I don’t know if I can ever do it again, but I do know one thing, I maybe gullible, naive even stupid, but I am not weak, and when I am, My Lord will come to rescue me!

Symphony of a troubled mind

These ugly scars won’t let me forget,

The web of lies, the fisherman’s net.

My halo is gone, my dress is torn,

And all around are Ashes and bones.

I tried so hard to make the change,

But things, always seemed out of range.

My angel wings were broken and restrained,

I was disgraced and my Lord was pained.

I wanted to walk into the light,

Drop down, from the greatest of heights.

To cleanse my regrets I needed to see,

The pain I had caused, the misery.

A web of lives intertwined,

They alter your decisions every time.

The circle of life takes a full turn,

All those you hurt come back to watch you burn.

It’s the truth of life, it’s the only way,

You must erase your sins and pay.

And when on the path of virtue,

The demons will come to swallow you.

My Lord forgave me right then,

And promised to walk beside me again.

The tedious path tired me,

Numbed my mind and made me see.

In my failures I found my strength,

To correct my wrongs, I’d go any lengths.

The path of virtue led me far,

And slowly faded my pink ribbon scars.

I knew I had hope, it seemed around,

Yet I was alone with not a soul or sound.

I concluded my journey on a mountain high,

My wings were whole and I could fly

Over the skies, away I flew,

To my Lord, my savior my truth.


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