The right photos at the right time.

On the first day of my photography class, my instructor Sandeep Biswas, told us not to just look at the photo, but to visualize what the photographer might be trying to say through the photo. Perhaps imagine what the photographer was  trying to capture?

Sandeep told us that any picture that doesn’t inspire somebody to think, or which doesn’t hold any value or meaning, is a picture wasted. If I take a picture of a flower- it’s pretty, it’s artistic and its (pretty much) what everybody is doing with a DSLR, but what does that mean? Does it prompt you to say anything other than “Nice” or “Pretty”???

On the other hand if I took a picture of flowers arranged on a plate to be used during prayer??? Or flowers arranged to decorate the house?? Or even a single flower in a woman’s hair??? It would serve to add to the serenity of the prayer plate, the decor of the house or the beauty of the woman’s hairdo.

All in all, the point was the picture should mean something, it must have a significance, it must have purpose. Most of the time, it’s not really about being in the right place at the right time, though we can’t deny that it helps significantly, it’s really about viewing regular things in a new light, finding life within inanimate objects- although that’s probably what they say to students in the classroom, to reassure them that they really don’t have to travel across the world for good photographs.

How does one take a good photograph at the right moment? Is it the case of everything being just right and the only thing that was missing was a photographer? 

Or do you think it’s that the photographer waits around…forever for the right setting and the perfect photograph???

Well, whatever is the case I am not as lucky to be in either one of these situations, maybe once in a blue moon, or more likely, its once in TWO blue moons. So, I do what my photography mentor told me to do- Make the best of what’s in front of me and find the purpose, the meaning. And I’m not so bad you know. Take a look at some of the photographs I took in my photo gallery. 😀

But have you ever noticed how some photographers are just there- bang in the middle of things?????? So UNFAIR!!!!

If you are a photography enthusiast, or a student of photography (like me) or photojournalists  then you would have heard the name Henri Cartier-Bresson. Considered the father of modern photojournalism, and a master in candid photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson (August 22, 1908 – August 3, 2004) had the good fortune and the tendency to be at the right place and at the ABSOLUTE right time.

Out of all his wonderful pictures, I have selected some significantly wonderful few that speak for themselves.

#1: Delhi. Birla House. 1948. NEHRU announcing GANDHI’s assassination to a crying crowd.


#2: Coronation of King George VI, England,1938 (clearly, its a turning point in “his” life)


#3: Enthusiastic little fellow proudly carrying wine bottles, while onlookers are in awe.

henri-cartier-bresson-rue-mouffetard- paris-1954-boy-smiling-wine-bottles

So, here it is! An example of a great photographer; who was there, at the right time. And he managed to capture, these wonderful moments; managed to take the right photos at the right time.

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