10 ways (tests) to know he is the one!


Many of my girlfriends, who are still single and living the fabulous life, ask me how I knew my husband was the one for me. Truth is I didn’t and I don’t.. but I believe. I think that makes all the difference in the world. Fact is we never really know who is real and who is lying. There maybe a facade underneath the facade..how will you figure it out?

The best we can do, is look for a few things and the rest? Good faith, strong belief. I’m not an expert but I’ve listed down 10 essential things to look for (tests for him) when you’re trying to decide if he is the one.

  1. When you walk into the room…Is he looking at your face or is he checking out your cleavage?
    1. The ideal situation would be when you walk into the room, he looks at your face first then proceeds to check out your cleavage. (Why shouldn’t he? You’re hot and after all, he’s a man!)
  2. When deciding something…say for example you both decide to watch a movie, how does that conversation generally go about? Him: “I have booked tickets to go watch blah”, You: “I don’t really want to watch that”. Him: “Well..Too bad! I have already booked the tickets”- So no consultation and only Domination?
    1. NO WAY!!! Always consult. You don’t have to like the same things, but that doesn’t mean the other person’s opinion doesn’t count. He needs to take into consideration what you like and what you don’t and if he doesn’t care, then maybe he should find somebody who’s willing to put up with his crap.
  3. Does he respect his parents? Does he care of what they think, how they function? I don’t mean to be tethered to them with the eternal umbilical cord, but respect. Be aware of their feelings and their discomfort.
    1. Remember girls, if he respects his own parents, he will respect your parents as well.
  4. Is he self sufficient? Not how much money his dad has, or how fancy his dad’s car is? What about him? What does he earn?
    1. He may not have riches in his kitty, nor does he have to be the Duke of Yorkshire, but if he didn’t have anything can he take care of himself? or you? When you fall sick, will he drive you to the hospital, or will he wait for his daddy to send a car from home?
  5. How do you feel when he is not around? Do you smile, do you laugh?
    1. I shared this incident with a friend of mine. My husband has a habit of making cheesy jokes. For example, when I ask him what he wants for breakfast, he’d invariably reply “love” and some days he would add “you’re my breakfast, as long as I’m looking at you, I don’t need to eat anything”. I personally hate this drama- It’s so corny! Yet..on any morning, when he doesn’t say something silly, I start worrying if something is wrong. When he is not around, I almost always repeat these stories to my friends and I laugh, coz it’s sweet & funny.
  6. How does he treat your friends? Does he suck up or is he normal like he is with his friends? The trick is to balance. If he is going over the top to make your friends happy, then you’re absolutely right to be suspicious. We should never have to go that far to make somebody happy. It’s wrong of you to expect him to impress your friends as well. Friends are there for a reason- they love you and support you and if you screw up, they slap your face blind. But when you’ve made the right decision he shouldn’t have to impress anybody. They’ll already be impressed.
    1. He should be casual, friendly and just himself. If you’re expecting be somebody he is not to impress your friends, then you should check yourself- It basically means you know you’ve made the wrong choice and you don’t want your friends to throw it in your face so you’re getting him to suck up to them. Not cool girl!
  7. How does he consider your choices? Is he critical or judgmental or supportive?
    1. When my friend wanted to buy an expensive Gucci handbag from her second or third paycheck, her boyfriend couldn’t bring himself to be supportive. He explained to her how he would love for her to treat herself to something that fancy but it was too early to splurge and he would wish that she hold off for another month or so, but if she did’t want to wait then to go ahead and he will manage things at home for the next 2 months- That’s how it should be!
  8. What does he want to do in life?
    1. When my friend was getting married, I asked her husband-to-be what he wanted to do in life.. His response was one of the best I have heard. ” I don’t know what I want to do, but I do know what I want to be- A good husband, and a good father”
  9. What does he expect your position to be in his life? A wife, a friend?
    1. He should never forget you are his wife, but that doesn’t mean you stop being friends. Why should he choose one over the other?
  10. Why does he want to marry you?
    1. Because you make his life better, because with you he can imagine his life being so muchmore successful, because he wants to spend his life making you happy & because he can’t live without your smile.

Make the right decision my lovelies. Have faith, good things will come to you! 🙂


Ten pick up lines you should never ever try

So, recently I applied for this fantastic writing opportunity in a very popular and cool place. Even though I cannot disclose the minute details, I can tell you that they are the most socially updated, and most prominently upcoming retail company India has seen in a while. I like their stuff, their style and so on.

Anyhu, they asked me to write an article on “10 pick up lines you should not even try” based on my experiences and, so I got to writing. When I started writing, I was surprised that it didn’t take me very long to come up with 10 cheesy pick up lines 🙂

If I wanted to be called a liar by everybody I’d say- “Pick up lines are boring.” But, the truth my dear Watson, is that lame, cheesy pick up lines entertain, like nothing else. They make you roll your eyes, sometimes in mock frustration and sometimes in REAL frustration, but all in all, it never fails to provide a laugh. OK!!! If you’re in a bad mood then maybe a smile. So, from my source of entertainment, here’s a list of 10 pick up lines, men should never try. 🙂

#10  “Hi there! I saw you from across the bar & thought, why don’t I brighten her day by having a conversation with her?”

Recognize the fine line between confidence and arrogance. If you’re confident, it’s attractive, but you are NOT God’s gift to women – if you were, you wouldn’t need to use a pick up line!!

#9 “Hey! I saw you, and I just knew that the Universe didn’t bring me here for nothing. It brought me here so I could meet you.”

Seriously? Have you considered, that the universe probably brought you here to get beaten up for using such a ludicrous line??

 #8 “I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere. Oh wait! In my dreams last night”

I’ve heard some pretty lame one-liners. But, with this line I couldn’t even bring myself to laugh. If you could roll your eyes as far back as I did, they would get stuck in your head.

#7  “I like my drinks and my women fiery. I have this baby {gestures drink} in my hand and all I’m waiting for…. is you.”

Fiery? Let me spice you up with a black eye and chilli powder up your keister.

#6  “What are we going to do about this obvious chemistry between us? I mean, I got pulled all the way from the other side of the bar”

I laughed, pulled my gay friend in front of me and said “I think your chemistry maybe with him. Let me get out of the way”

#5 “You look like my next girlfriend”

My (then) fiancé (now husband-Mukul) saved him from me by saying “Yeah? I kinda think she looks like my wife”

#4 “You know a lot of celebrities use dance to work out. How about you and I work out together?”

OK! First of all, do you think I’m fat? And I should be impressed? How?

#3  “I was thinking- You’re hot, I’m hot, let’s have dinner and see how it goes”

This happened to my friend and me in NYC. My friend turned her back to him and he looked at me and said “How bout you senorita?” Persistent li’l fella!

 #2 “I have to say, I love everything Indian, & when I saw you I knew I was in love, so I figured you must be Indian.”

If you love everything Indian, how come you don’t live in India?

#1 worst pick up line used on me: “You should be someone’s wife. How about mine?”– WHAAAAAAAT? He jumped right to getting married!!! He reeked of desperation and I actually spilled my cocktail on my skirt while laughing

So that’s my list, but I am calling out to all you lovely ladies to share the worst pick up lines used on you, and to make it dramatic, here’s a poetic invitation:

If you girls have a new one to share,

Shiny, unused and a breath of fresh air,

Don’t hide it up your sleeve or in your collar,

I’d really love it if you’d just holler!


Don’t forget, be social and share share share!



A day in the life of a marketing executive.

If you work in marketing (and I know that you do);

then you will know that I am being very very true.

The life of a ‘marketer’ (as I like to call myself),

is absolutely, (and I mean truly) off the shelf! 🙂

I know I sound cheesy with all these short lines,

It’s all the more worse ‘coz every other 1 rhymes.

So getting back to what I was originally saying,

That the life of a marketer is worth craving.

There’s so much running around that you don’t have to exercise,

There’s so much creativity that you can’t help but sigh! :-S

The best part about marketing is the secret inside

that marketers, never casually take things in their stride

They seriously listen and ponder, to understand your ways

But beware, because for mean-ness they’ll make you pay.

Whatever your designation, you’re just some glorified fire fighter,

You can be President of Marketing but you will still be called a marketer.

I just realized how this is not just about a single day,

this entire poem is about marketers everywhere.

Marketing execs as people like to call them,

you can love ’em, you can hate ’em, but honey you just can’t ignore ’em.

They are flashy but harassed and annoyingly accurate,

you can wrangle them, push them but boy are they sarcastic.

We are moody, sometimes shady and but we are always so right

We are efficient, intelligent and never out of sight.

My job of a marketer, may not be as big,

may not be as fancy as VP or Country Head.

That’s the thing about marketing, it’s so wonderful,

that without me your business would just fall and crumble.

Who would do your branding, your promotion and your stage

that needs to be set up to make you look great.

So, next time you forget it, I’ll say it out loud,

think about it before you boss a marketing executive around.

Road to modern marketing

Road to modern marketing