The first of many letters to my nephew Vihaan

Dearest Darling Vihaan,

How are you sweetheart? I know you’re too young to read this right now, but eventually one day you will, and it will surely make you laugh.

You are almost 6 months old, and its hard to imagine what things were like 6 months ago, before you were born. I’m sure your mom and dad will tell you how eagerly everybody has waited for you to arrive, and you’re mom will enlighten you on all the things that happened while she was carrying you in her tummy (my mom tells the weirdest stories about me, making it sound like I played soccer while I was inside her-lol). We waited for months for you to come and enrich our lives with your existence.

I know that by the time you read this letter 2013 may actually be pre-historic times for you but sweetie, this is the year we realized how 1 person’s presence in our life can bring so much joy. You ARE a bundle of joy- beautiful, melodious and so charismatic I mean your aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas across India and the world are all waiting everyday for a new picture of yours to be uploaded on Facebook or to receive a video of you laughing so we can have one glimpse of you and bask in the glory of your awesomeness. 😀

You will never fully realize the effect you have had or the meaning of your presence but even so, know that you are loved and protected and shared by so many people.  You are our second generation, and it starts with you. Your mom, your Aunt Shyna and I were talking about how we have now shifted into a different era. It is a new era, and it’s NOW, it’s here!!! In some way, your mom actually ushered the new era in, at least for us. 🙂

Meeting you was such a joy and a treat, that leaving you was actually sad. I wish we had more time together but we have years and years to make up for it. You are our rockstar, the apple of our eye and without even knowing it, you make us proud every day, every minute.

God Bless you!!!


Aunt Divya