Good Enough

I used to dream that we’d be a family,

Once again, But then I was faced with reality

You weren’t there by my side,

and my life ain’t nothing but a tragedy.


I used to dream that I’d be whole again

But how can that happen in this world of pain,

How can I rise above it all?

When I ain’t got the strength to even break my fall?


I go to bed every night, feeling the same way

I’m tired with myself and just how I behave

When there ain’t no spark, how can I rage a fire?

Everytime I look in the mirror, I see a liar


I used to think nothing could ever touch me,

That your protection would always cushion me

But my naivete came at a price,

Coz life made me pay a fee.


Every promise said that, “you got me”

And Every hug meant that we’ll always be

Together, that makes us strong

But twin you just pushed me back and broke free


What do I gotta do to get your love?

I keep trying but you always shove

Me away and I know I should learn

But all you ever do is watch me burn


I’ve paid all my dues, gave away all my stuff

Moved across the world for a chance to earn your love

We were born together, heart, body & soul

How do I get you back? How can I be good enough?


Sibling rivalry and fallouts are a serious problem in this day & age. I recently witnessed one of the worst sibling fallouts I could have ever imagine and my heart goes out to the twins who were born together but now their life choices have pulled them apart. I’m praying for them and their situation brought my words to life. I hope they reconcile soon.



Promise Never To Untie- By Hope

A poem on friendship and the love and tenderness between friends…



The tender words are spoken

Each body and soul bared

Told secrets over endless days

Often doing more than dared


New world beyond my door

With intrigued and intensity

Now we have shared our hearts

A bond now made it permanently


Facing our days made easier

Despite any type of weather

Each other’s heart felt deeply

Both happy we stuck together


It took us little time and effort

The bonding as strong as glue

I now promise never to untie

The strings I have tied with you


The understanding of each other

Breaths to take, we breathe the air

As the relationship interchanges

Knowing our loving hearts are there


Now we are never left on the outside

Lovingly enter each others domain

Smiling. laughing and forever teasing

But forever friends we then became


A day in the life of a marketing executive.

If you work in marketing (and I know that you do);

then you will know that I am being very very true.

The life of a ‘marketer’ (as I like to call myself),

is absolutely, (and I mean truly) off the shelf! 🙂

I know I sound cheesy with all these short lines,

It’s all the more worse ‘coz every other 1 rhymes.

So getting back to what I was originally saying,

That the life of a marketer is worth craving.

There’s so much running around that you don’t have to exercise,

There’s so much creativity that you can’t help but sigh! :-S

The best part about marketing is the secret inside

that marketers, never casually take things in their stride

They seriously listen and ponder, to understand your ways

But beware, because for mean-ness they’ll make you pay.

Whatever your designation, you’re just some glorified fire fighter,

You can be President of Marketing but you will still be called a marketer.

I just realized how this is not just about a single day,

this entire poem is about marketers everywhere.

Marketing execs as people like to call them,

you can love ’em, you can hate ’em, but honey you just can’t ignore ’em.

They are flashy but harassed and annoyingly accurate,

you can wrangle them, push them but boy are they sarcastic.

We are moody, sometimes shady and but we are always so right

We are efficient, intelligent and never out of sight.

My job of a marketer, may not be as big,

may not be as fancy as VP or Country Head.

That’s the thing about marketing, it’s so wonderful,

that without me your business would just fall and crumble.

Who would do your branding, your promotion and your stage

that needs to be set up to make you look great.

So, next time you forget it, I’ll say it out loud,

think about it before you boss a marketing executive around.

Road to modern marketing

Road to modern marketing

You can’t beat the beast!

Every time I ride my motorcycle, do you know what I think?

How the Devil waits to take me away, in a minute and a blink.

The oil on the road, the failure of a brake, that’s really all he needs

The Devil he is, and all he wants is for me to gain some speed.

He lives in me, he rides with me, and I’m never free of him

He tries to make it tough for me, and push me over the brim.

He knows not what he’s up against; he’s in for a jolly treat

He does not realize I’m no less- For I am a Beast!

My horse of steel, hasn’t failed me yet and there is a reason why

My machine and I understand each other, and above the Devil we fly.

We know not to give in; we know he’s the enemy

We fear him not, we’re ready to roll, however long the road maybe.

I have heard God rides a Harley, and I hope with Him I ride,

But Satan has his own steel, always riding by my side.

He bids my bones to flames, and my ashes to dust

He sits there waiting in anticipation, to watch my machine rust.

He looks at me with his face in flames, waiting for me to fail

I smile at him and show him the finger and tell him to follow my trail.

When I die, remember this that the Devil didn’t win

I just decided to kick his ass, and wipe out his arrogant grin.

Remember to not shed a tear, and miss me as much

I am still riding, somewhere along watching over you bunch.

When my time comes and you lay me down, brothers, be assured

I kicked the Devil’s ass so hard; he went flying off the road.

He tried and tried to finish me and failure was all he got

I triumphed over him- it wasn’t tough, the battle we’d fought.

When you lay me down just make sure, you announce it at my feast,

The Devil tried mighty hard but couldn’t beat this Beast!




Symphony of a troubled mind (An Original)

As the name suggests, it’s an “original”. I first wrote this on August 12, 2011 at 1:02am. I haven’t changed it much, just a few words here or there.

I can’t explain what I was going through at the time, that prompted me to write this. Suffice to say, I’d just come out of a dark and twisty place filled with self pity and guilt. It’s a black whole where your confidence goes to die.

But I came out of it, I don’t know how and I don’t know if I can ever do it again, but I do know one thing, I maybe gullible, naive even stupid, but I am not weak, and when I am, My Lord will come to rescue me!

Symphony of a troubled mind

These ugly scars won’t let me forget,

The web of lies, the fisherman’s net.

My halo is gone, my dress is torn,

And all around are Ashes and bones.

I tried so hard to make the change,

But things, always seemed out of range.

My angel wings were broken and restrained,

I was disgraced and my Lord was pained.

I wanted to walk into the light,

Drop down, from the greatest of heights.

To cleanse my regrets I needed to see,

The pain I had caused, the misery.

A web of lives intertwined,

They alter your decisions every time.

The circle of life takes a full turn,

All those you hurt come back to watch you burn.

It’s the truth of life, it’s the only way,

You must erase your sins and pay.

And when on the path of virtue,

The demons will come to swallow you.

My Lord forgave me right then,

And promised to walk beside me again.

The tedious path tired me,

Numbed my mind and made me see.

In my failures I found my strength,

To correct my wrongs, I’d go any lengths.

The path of virtue led me far,

And slowly faded my pink ribbon scars.

I knew I had hope, it seemed around,

Yet I was alone with not a soul or sound.

I concluded my journey on a mountain high,

My wings were whole and I could fly

Over the skies, away I flew,

To my Lord, my savior my truth.


I hope you enjoyed reading that. Feel free to add your comments and give me your feedback. I’d love to read what you have to say about my writing.

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