Divya Ramesan

It’s difficult to describe me as a person, so I’ll just call myself “different” for now.

My name is Divya Ramesan Soni. I am Indian, 26 years old, married , live in New Delhi with a good family, great friends, good job and all in all-a pretty awesome life.

I like writing, and I am highly opinionated. So, we are gonna have some fun. 🙂

I love photography, and I keep getting better at it, so be prepared for a display of my artwork as well. 🙂

I constantly strive to be meticulous and creative. I am one of those people who has so much to say, but doesn’t most of the time. It’s not because I can’t, its because sometimes, even though I like talking, I crave silence.

This blog was not created because I was at home and had nothing to do, it’s because I want to share with the world all the small things in each of our lives, that make everything just worthwhile.

I have lived all over the world and carry a little bit of each place with me. As a travel enthusiast,whenever we have an an extra day off from work automatically transpires into a road trip, since I love meeting new people and seeing new places.

I end this section with these lines:

I am me
I am who I’m meant to be.
I am my past, my present and who I want to be.
I am not anyone, I am all three.
I am a work in progress, a destiny
I am who I choose to be
I am me…!!!!

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